CFP: “Victorian Forms and Formations:” BAVS Conference, University of Glasgow, September 2-4 2010

CFP:  British Association for Victorian Studies 2010 Conference :   ‘Victorian Forms and Formations’

September 2-4, 2010, University of Glasgow

The 2010 BAVS conference seeks to address the question of ‘form’, in all its varied meanings, in Victorian culture. We invite papers that address the topic of literary form, and that engage with current debates in the field over the return to form in literary criticism, but also wish to broaden the topic to encompass forms and formations in other disciplines, including but not limited to art history, science, architecture, politics, religion and history of the book. Papers might consider the role of different social and political groupings and institutions in the Victorian period, or the formation of a particular idea or discipline. They might deal with wide-ranging debates over varied attempts at reform in the nineteenth century, or could focus on the formation or reformation of the individual. Papers considering material forms, including the fashioning of the body in medical and other discourse, are welcome, as are papers on the physical features of the Victorian landscape: urban and rural spaces, natural forms and the built environment. We also invite papers that are concerned with the reworking of Victorian forms in twentieth and twenty-first century literature and culture.

Plenary speakers:

  • James Eli Adams
  • Matthew Campbell
  • Margaret Macdonald
  • Catherine Robson

A number of postgraduate bursaries will be available for postgraduate students presenting a paper at the conference or acting as a conference reporter. Please check this site in spring 2010 for details of how to apply.

Deadline for submission of abstract: 15 March 2010.  Please send a 200-word abstract to

Suggested topics for consideration:
Poetic form* Narrative form* Generic formation* Neoformalism*  Political formations* Social reform* Educational reform* Scientific formations* Geological forms*  Religious formations* Imperial formations* Urban forms* Architectural form* Sculptural form* Domestic design* Intellectual formations* Forms of publication* Bodily formations* Gendered forms* Forms of conduct* Forming identities*  Moral forms*Neovictorian forms*

Dr Christine Ferguson
Department of English Literature
5/302 University Gardens
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ


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