NASSR 2010: “Romantic Mediations”

The Eighteenth Annual North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Conference


August 18-22, 2010
Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The 2010 NASSR Conference is co-hosted by the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University in association with the University of Victoria.  The theme of the conference is ‘Romantic Mediations.’  The main focus is the communications technologies and print culture of the Romantic period.  But we also conceive of ‘mediation’ in a broadly metaphorical sense and look forward to papers on such topics as contacts between peoples and cultures, the tensions between bodies and minds, and the intersections of disciplines and forms of knowledge.


Heather Jackson (English, University of Toronto)
Iwan Rhys Morus (History, University of Wales at Aberyswyth)
Clifford Siskin (English, NYU) and William Warner (English, UCSB)

Please note that the conference will begin on a Wednesday evening with the first plenary and the opening reception.  We have decided to begin the conference on the Wednesday evening to avoid having panels on Sunday morning and to make room for the Annual General Meeting.


The organizers of the eighteenth annual NASSR conference, co-hosted by Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, invite proposals from any discipline on the subject of Romantic Mediations.  A major Pacific Rim port, Vancouver marks the cultural intersections of the East and West and is a centre of both digital invention and environmental action—it is a city of meetings and mediations, broadly understood.   Similarly, the field of Romantic studies has been expanded and transformed by its engagements with the study of print culture, the histories of writing, technology, and scientific thought, the philosophy of mind and its environments, and the increased recognition of global movement.  The era that saw the invention of semaphore, telegraphy, the continuous-feed press, and the difference engine, the Romantic in all its senses might be characterized as a period of significant experimentation in media and ideas of mediation.  We imagine a conference that will engage the topic of mediation across a broad spectrum that includes materialist appreciation as well as theoretical inquiry—indeed, that emphasizes their meeting, or their mediations.

Possible Topics include:

* Communication and its Technologies
* The histories of writing and print
* Professionals and Amateurs
* Minds, Bodies, and Environments
* Culture and Nature
* Realities material and virtual
* Mediations of peoples and nations
* Cosmopolitanisms and Trans-nationalisms
* Spiritual Encounters and Religious Meetings
* Collecting and Antiquing
* Mediation and Disciplinarity
* Generic Blends and Mixtures (more to follow)

Please send abstracts of 250-500 words  to The deadline for submission to the conference is 1 March 2010.


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