CFP: 19th-Century Literature at the CEA: “Voices”


Call for Papers
The 41st Annual College English Association Conference
March 25-7, 2010
San Antonio, Texas

Conference Theme: Voices
“And in my voice most welcome shall you be.”
_As You Like It_ 2:4.87

San Antonio. Images of the River Walk merge with the memories of its most famous location, the Alamo. Remember it, the voices from the past call out, and we do.

Those voices on opposing sides of its walls, representing Santa Anna and Sam Houston, spoke for two distinctly diverse cultures. And within those cultures were voices and texts that influenced the actions during that struggle, significant cultural markers of time, place, and being.

Before and after the struggle there, writers everywhere have reflected and influenced the events of their day, and from their experience, the great writers have created texts that have become ageless connections to what is past, or passing, or to come.

In the shadow of San Antonio’s famous symbol of voices that call for attention and allegiance, College English Association asks you to submit papers on any aspect of the following topics:

Native Voices
Giving Voice
Voices in Poetry, Fiction, Drama
Voice in Oral Literatures
Voices from the Center
Poet as Sayer; Poet as Voice-giver
Voice (lessness) as Power
Vox Populi
Composition and Voice
Voices of the Home
Oral Interpretation of literature
Voice as Speech
Digital Voices
Voices of Deception
Voices in the Wilderness
Voices of Joy
Voice Studies
Voices as Vocalizations
Voices of the Folk
Voices in Material Culture
Voices of Praise
Voices of Protest
Voice in Curricula, Courses, & Programs

Submission Instructions
Submit proposals online at

Electronic submissions open on August 21 and close on November 1, 2009.
Abstracts for proposals should be between 200 and 500 words in length
and should include a title.


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