Byron Journal on Project MUSE; New Issue Available

The Hoarding is happy to see that the Byron Journal is now available in electronic form as a Project MUSE resource.  Those of you without access to MUSE articles can receive the quarterly print journal by joining the Byron Society of America for $25 (students) / $40 (regular) per year.  See here for details.

The new issue (37:1) contains articles on the following subjects:

  • Byron and Scottish Romanticism, by Murray Pittock
  • Byron and Cain, by Trevor Hart
  • Leigh Hunt’s Letters to Byron, by Timothy Webb
  • Byron and Montaigne, by Anne Fleming
  • Byron’s Manfred, by Michael Simpson

There are also other items, including a tribute to Maureen Crisp, a report on an April 2009 staging of Sardanapalus, and reports on various Byronic conferences and events in Manchester, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.  Book reviews by Bernard Beatty, Jane Stabler, Emily Berhard Jackson, Richard Foulkes, Gilles Soubigou, Andrew Nicholson, Alistair Hays, Jack Wasserman, Diego Saglia, Sally Bushell, John Baker, Chris Jones, Claire Brock, Rebecca Domke, Elham Nilchian, and Sharon Ruston.

The International Byron Conference will be held in a few weeks in Greece. Click here for more information.


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