Spring 2009 Hardy Review now available

The Thomas Hardy Association (TTHA) and Maney Publishing announce publication of The Hardy Review< Vol. XI, Number 1, Spring 2009.


Rosemarie Morgan

Uncollected Items: Florence E. Dugdale, ‘Baby Brother’

Report on the Thomas Hardy Association’s Gender Page
Judith Mitchell

POEM OF THE MONTH ‘By the Runic Stone”
Produced and Edited by Betty Cortus & Rosemarie Morgan

Some Reflections on ‘Under the Waterfall’
Patrick Roper

A Lament and Sigh: Voicing Disillusionment in Thomas Hardy’s Verse
Laurence Estanove

Unconscious Sue? Selfishness and Manipulation in Jude the Obscure
Elizabeth L. Knauer

Exploration and Post-Darwinian Anxiety in Thomas Hardy’s Two on a Tower
Jane Bownas

As Long As The Light Lasts
Jannett Highfill

The Workshop
Patricia Brody

Robert Mezey

Collated and Edited By Rosemarie Morgan
Kathie Bassett, TTHA’s Book Page Director

Copies may be purchased from Maney Publishing <maney@maneyusa.com>, Tel: (toll free) 866 297 5154

Back Copies available from TTHA: <http://www.yale.edu/hardysoc/OrderForms/review.html>

Paid up members of the Thomas Hardy Association receive two annual copies of The Hardy Review  free of charge


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