New Titles from Palgrave: Romanticism and the Cultures of Print Series

As posted by Anne Mellor to the NASSR list:

Two more titles have appeared this year (2008) in The Palgrave Series in the Enlightenment, Romanticism and Cultures of Print (ed. Anne K. Mellor and Clifford Siskin):

  • The Minstrel Mode
  • The Minstrel in the world: Sydney Owenson and Irish Internationalism
  • ”The Minstrels of Modern Italy’: Germaine de Stael, Improvisation and Myths of Corinne
  • The Minstrel and Regency Romanticism
  • The Minstrel Goes to Market: the Prizes and Contests of Hogg, Landon and Hemans
  • The ‘Minstrel of the western Continent’: The Last of the Mohicans
  • Transatlantic Minstrelsy before Blackface
Robert Miles, Romantic Misfits
  • The Original Misfit: The Shakespeare Forgeries, Herbert Croft’s Love and Madness, and W. H. Ireland’s Romantic Career
  • Gothic Wordsworth
  • The Romantic Abject: Cagliostro, Carlyle, Coleridge
  • The Romantic-era Novel
  • Dissent: Anna Letitia Barbauld

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