The Wordsworth Circle Winter 2009 Issue Now Available

I’ve just received my copy of the Winter 2009 issue of The Wordsworth Circle, edited by Marilyn Gaull at the Editorial Institute at Boston University, where the journal is now beginning its fortieth year of publication. This issue contains an enticing description of the Wordsworth Summer Conference, past and present, by Richard Gravil, along with the following essays from the 2008 summer conference:

  • John Beer, “The Paradoxes of Nature in Wordsworth and Coleridge”
  • David Bromwich, “The ‘Ode to Duty’ and the Idea of Human Solidarity”
  • Judith Thompson, “Why Kendal? John Thelwall, Laker Poet?”
  • Anthony John Harding, “Harriet Martineau’s Anti-Romanticism”
  • Angela Esterhammer, “Translating the Elgin Marbles: Byron, Hemans, Keats”
  • Julia M. Wright, “Atlantic Exile and the Stateless Citizen in Irish Romanticism”
  • Kasahara Yorimichi, “Byron’s Dying Gladiator in Context”
  • Monika Class, “Coleridge and the Radical Roots of Critical Philosophy”
  • Richard Gravil, “Helen Maria Williams: Wordsworth’s Revolutionary Anima

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