Byromania: McDayter’s New Book on Byron

The SUNY Press has recently published Ghislane McDayter’s book, Byromania and the Birth of Celebrity Culture. This book will be a welcome addition to other recent work on Byron and celebrity, particularly Tom Mole’s Byron’s Romantic Celebrity and the forthcoming collection of essays Mole is editing for Cambridge UP, Romanticism and Celebrity Culture, 1750-1850.

McDayter’s Byromania has the following chapters:

  1. “The Blazing Muse”: Hysteria and the Politics of Popularity
  2. “Convulsions in Rhyme”: The Turkish Tales
  3. Periodical Hysteria: Literary Commodifi cation and the Problem of Authority
  4. “Conjuring Byron”: Subjectivity and the Operations of Fan Culture
  5. Afterword: Materializing Byron

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