New Norton Critical Editions: Byron, Gaskell, and Wells

Three new Norton Critical Editions of interest to scholars of nineteenth-century British literature have recently been published:

  • Byron’s Poetry and Prose, edited by Alice Levine.  This is a long-awaited redaction of the old Byron NCE, and it looks great. You can find the table of contents here (PDF download). Levine’s edition gives a lot of space to Byron’s letters and lyrics, and includes essays by Barton, McGann, Kelsall, Stabler, Reiman, Butler, Franklin, Manning, Richardson, Christensen, Guiliano, Graham, Wolfson, Lang, Chandler, and Peterfreund.
  • Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton, edited by Thomas Recchio.  This edition includes a number of Gaskell’s letters, fifteen contemporary illustrations of the novel, and critical essays by Kathleen Tillotson, Richard D. Altick, John Lucas, Catherine Gallagher, Hilary Schor, Deborah Epstein, Susan Zlotnick, Jonathan H. Grossman, and Liam Corley.  Here is the table of contents (PDF download).
  • H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, edited by Stephen Arata. The edition includes alternate version of the novel, Wells’s various prefaces, material on contemporary science, and critical essays by “Yevgeny Zamyatin, Bernard Bergonzi, Kathryn Hume, Elaine Showalter, John Huntington, Paul A. Cantor and Peter Hufnagel, Colin Manlove, and Roger Luckhurst.” Here is the table of contents (PDF download).

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