Nineteenth-Century Contexts (31:2): Politics and Public Space

As posted to the VICTORIA list:

Nineteenth-Century Contexts

Special Issue: Politics and Public Display in Britain, America, and France

Volume 31, issue 2
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  • “Cobbett’s Chopstick Festival: Event, Representation, Context” by Peter J. Manning
  • “Can the Mummy Speak? Manifest Destiny, Ventriloquism, and the Silence of the Ancient Egyptian Body” by  Charles D. Martin
  • “The 1889 World Exhibition in Paris: The French, the Age of Machines, and the Wild West” by Susanne Berthier-Foglar
  • “Dickens and the Female Terrorist: The Long Shadow of Madame Defarge,” Teresa Mangum


Authors: Jennifer L. Fleissner; Les Harrison; John McBratney; Andrew Radford; Elizabeth Starr; Sarah Annes Brown; Caroline Franklin;
Andrea Henderson


New Issue of RaVoN: Materiality and Memory, ed. Kate Flint

The Hoarding has discovered the latest issue of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net — a special issue on “Materiality and Memory” edited by Kate Flint — in pre-release from Erudit. The issue contains the following articles:

  • Clare Pettitt “Peggotty’s Work-Box: Victorian Souvenirs and Material Memory”   [HTML]  [Résumé]  [Plan]
  • Kara Marler-Kennedy, “Immortelles: Literary, Botanical, and National Memory” [HTML]  [Résumé]
  • Kate Flint, “Photographic Memory” [HTML]  [Résumé]
  • Athena Vrettos,“‘Little bags of remembrance’: du Maurier’s Peter Ibbetson and Victorian Theories of Ancestral Memory” [HTML]  [Résumé]
  • Megan Ward, “William Morris’s Conditional Moment” [HTML]  [Résumé]  [Plan]
  • Catherine Robson, “Memorization and Memorialization: ‘The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna’ ” [HTML]  [Résumé]
  • Adelene Buckland, “Pictures in the Fire”: the Dickensian Hearth and the Concept of History” [HTML]  [Résumé]  [Plan]
  • Jonathan Farina, “Middlemarch and “that Sort of Thing” [HTML]  [Résumé]

In addition, the issue contains reviews of recent books by Ledger, Franta, Thompson, Broglio, Melville, Herbert, Wright, Dames, Jones, O’Gorman, Wisnicki, Nord, Stern, and Brown.

New from Oxford UP: Classical Receptions Journal

A new journal to be published by Oxford should be of interest to those 19th-century scholars and critics who work on the reception of classical literature and culture.  From the website:

Classical Receptions Journal covers all aspects of the reception of the texts and material culture of ancient Greece and Rome from antiquity to the present day. It aims to explore the relationships between transmission, interpretation, translation, transplantation, rewriting, redesigning and rethinking of Greek and Roman material in other contexts and cultures. It addresses the implications both for the receiving contexts and for the ancient, and compares different types of linguistic, textual and ideological interactions.

The journal promotes cross-disciplinary exchange and debates at the interface between subjects. It therefore welcomes submissions from researchers in Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Comparative Literature, Film, Intellectual History, History of Scholarship, Political Science, Theatre Studies and Translation Studies as well as from those in Classics and Ancient History.

Issue 1 will be published in both print and online formats in November 2009. The entire first issue will be available free online from the outset.

April 2009 Issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century

The April 2009 issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century is devoted to “Victorian Theatricalities,” and is guest-edited by Michael Dobson. It contains articles by Juliet John, Nigel Cliff, Kate Mattacks, Caroline Radcliffe, Beth Palmer, and Brian Willis, as well as a forum on “Rethinking Archives and Theatre History,” with contributions by Richard Schoch, Jane Moody, Kathryn Prince, and John Stokes.

As always, 19 (under the general editorship of Hilary Fraser at Birkbeck College) is freely-available online; its back issues are indexed through NINES.

RSVP Conference: “Victorian Networks and the Periodical Press”

As posted by Kelly Hulander to VICTORIA:

Victorian Networks and the Periodical Press

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Annual Conference
University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN
August 21 – 22, 2009

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) is pleased to announce that its annual conference will be held at the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, August 21 – 22, 2009.

Simon Potter (National University of Ireland, Galway) will deliver the annual Wolff Lecture, titled “The Emergence of an Imperial Press System, 1876 – 1922.”  Potter’s book,  News and the British World, was published in 2003.

The program will also include a lecture by Catherine Waters (University of New England, New South Wales), whose book Commodity Culture in Dickens’s Household
Words:  The Social Life of Goods, received the 2009 Colby Scholarly Book Prize.  Her lecture is titled, “‘Much of Sala, and but little of Russia’:  A Journey Due North.”

Panel presentations will address themes such as Children’s Journalism, Correspondence and Fundraising, Women’s Poetry in the Periodical Press, Defining National Identity, Religious Networks, the Female Image in the Press, and Readers’ Networks.

The program will also include a Roundtable Discussion focused on using digital resources and a Teaching Workshop highlighting pedagogical approaches in the field of Victorian jouralism.

Pre-conference activities include the William Holman Hunt exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Registration information and other conference details are available at or

New Ashgate Titles in 19th-Century Studies

Another round of Ashgate titles in the field, as posted to the VICTORIA list recently by Martha McKenna:

The Art of Political Fiction in Hamilton, Edgeworth, and Owenson
Susan Egenolf, Texas A&M University, College Station
Includes 14 b&w illustrations
May 2009        220 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-6203-7

Darwin Studies
A Theorist and his Theories in their Contexts

M.J.S. Hodge, University of Leeds, UK
Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS909
February 2009   356 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-5939-6

Evolutionary Naturalism in Victorian Britain
The ‘Darwinians’ and their Critics

Bernard Lightman, York University
Variorum Collected Studies Series: CS919
Includes 23 b&w illustrations
April 2009      348 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-5987-7

Irishness and Womanhood in Nineteenth-Century British Writing
Thomas Tracy, Grambling State University
May 2009        204 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-6448-2

Jane Austen’s Narrative Techniques
A Stylistic and Pragmatic Analysis

Massimiliano Morini, University of Udine, Italy
June 2009       172 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-6607-3

Persephone Rises, 1860-1927
Mythography, Gender, and the Creation of a New Spirituality

Margot K. Louis, University of Victoria
April 2009      188 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-6455-0

The Politics of Gender in Anthony Trollope’s Novels
New Readings for the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Margaret Markwick, University of Exeter, UK, Deborah Denenholz
Morse, College of William and Mary
and Regenia Gagnier, University of Exeter, UK
The Nineteenth Century Series
Includes 20 b&w illustrations
March 2009      274 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-6389-8

Robert Louis Stevenson in the Pacific
Travel, Empire, and the Author’s Profession

Roslyn Jolly, University of New South Wales, Australia
April 2009      206 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-6195-5

Tennyson Transformed
Alfred Lord Tennyson and Visual Culture

Jim Cheshire, Colin Ford, John Lord, Leonee Ormond, Ben Stoker and Julia
Includes 100 color and 30 b&w illustrations
May 2009        160 pages       Hardback        978-1-84822-003-4
A Lund Humphries Book

The Writings of Hesba Stretton
Reclaiming the Outcast

Elaine Lomax, De Montfort University, Bedford, UK
Ashgate Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present
Includes 18 b&w illustrations
April 2009      252 pages       Hardback        978-0-7546-5576-3