Forthcoming issue of Victorian Literature and Culture 37:2 (2009)

Although online access is not available as of this posting,  the newest issue of Victorian Literature and Culture 37:2 (2009) contains the following articles:

  • “The Colonial Postcard: The Spectral/Telepathic Mode in Conan Doyle and Kipling” by BISHNUPRIYA GHOSH
  • “‘Loathsome London’: Ruskin, Morris, and Henry Davey’s History of English Music (1895)” by BENNETT ZON
  • “Oceana Revisited:  J. A. Froude’s 1884 Journey to New Zealand and the Pink and White Terraces” by ANNE MAXWELL
  • “The Play with a Past: Arthur Wing Pinero’s New Drama” by HEATHER ANNE WOZNIAK
  • “‘A Beautiful Translation from a Very Imperfect Original’: Mabel Wotton, Aestheticism, and the Dilemma of Literary Borrowing” by SIGRID ANDERSON CORDELL
  • “‘A Preface is Written to the Public’: Print Censorship, Novel Prefaces, and the Construction of a New Reading Public in Late-Victorian England” by BARBARA LECKIE
  • “Cosmetic Tragedies: Failed Masquerade in Wilkie Collins’s The Law and the Lady” by AVIVA BRIEFEL
  • “Representations of the Abnormal Body in The Moonstone” by MARK MOSSMAN
  • “The Tragic Mulatta Plays the Tragic Muse” by KIMBERLY SYNDER MANGANELLI
  • “‘He Sings Alone’: Hybrid Forms and the Victorian Working-Class Poet” by KIRSTIE BLAIR
  • “‘Love Yourself As Your Neighbor’: The Limits of Altruism and the Ethics of Personal Benefit in Adam Bede” by ILANA M. BLUMBERG
  • “‘Awful Unknown Qualities’: Addressing the Readers in Hard Times”  by CAROLYN VELLENGA BERMAN
  • “Popular Dickens” by LISA RODENSKY
  • Work in Progress: “The Savage Genius of Sherlock Holmes” by ANNA NEILL

The website also announces a forthcoming special issue: “Volume 38, Number 2 (2010) with an Editors’ Topic, ‘Victorian Cosmopolitanisms,’ edited by Tanya Agathocleous and Jason R. Rudy”


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