Emily Dickinson’s Correspondences from UVA’s Rotunda Digital Imprint

Although normally occupied with British literature, The Hoarding would like to announce the recent publication of a digital resource, Emily Dickinson’s Correspondences: A Born-Digital Textual Inquiry, edited by Martha Nell Smith and Lara Vetter, under the Rotunda Imprint of the University of Virginia Press.  This resource has now been aggregated into NINES, and NINES users can conduct full-text searches of the material (though a Rotunda subscription is required for complete access). See the NINES news blog for more.

The Dickinson editors describe their project in the following way:

“Unpublished in book form during her lifetime, the poems of Emily Dickinson were nonetheless shared with those she trusted most—through her letters. This XML-based archive brings together seventy-four poems and letters from Emily’s correspondence with her sister-in-law and primary confidante, Susan Dickinson. Each text is presented with a digitized scan of the holograph manuscript. These images have zoom functionality as well as a special light-box feature that allows users to view and compare constellations of related documents. Users may search by date, genre, manuscript features, and full text. Dating from the 1850s to the end of Dickinson’s life, the work collected here shows all the characteristics of the poet’s mature art.”


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