Pickering & Chatto: New Editions for Spring 2009

Five new editions of nineteenth-century materials have recently been published by Pickering & Chatto:

  • The Selected Political Writings of John Thelwall, in 4 volumes, edited by Robert Lamb and Corinna Wagner: “This four-volume reset edition brings together Thelwall’s most important and influential political writing from across the genres, from scientific pamphlets and writings on the art of elocution, to political philosophy and journalism.”
  • The Works of Lady Caroline Lamb, in 3 volumes, edited by Paul Douglass and Leigh W. Dickson: “This is the first edition to present Lamb’s works in a scholarly format. Graham Hamilton and Ada Reis have never been republished, and Gordon: A Tale has been misattributed to Byron. This edition will appeal to scholars of Romanticism and Women’s Writing.”
  • Lives of Victorian Literary Figures, Part VII: Conrad, Haggard, and Kipling by their Contemporaries,  in 3 volumes, edited by Ralph Pite, Keith Carabine, Tom Hubbard, and Lindy Stiebel: “Pickering & Chatto’s highly successful Lives of Victorian Literary Figures series continues with the seventh installment…Carefully selected extracts from biographies, memoirs, diaries, private letters and other ephemera reveal how these iconic writers were viewed by their contemporaries.”
  • Lives of Shakespearian Actors, Part II: Edmund Kean, Sarah Siddons, and Harriet Smithson by their Contemporaries, in 3 volumes, edited by Gail Marshall, Tetsuo Kishi, Jim Davis, Lisa A. Freeman, and Peter Raby: “This series features actors who were significant in their development of new and innovative ways of performing Shakespeare. Extracts from diaries, memoirs, private letters, obituaries and other rare ephemera are drawn together to build a contemporary account of their acting achievements and personal lives.”
  • The Social Problem Novels of Frances Trollope, in 4 volumes, edited by Brenda Ayres, Christine Sutphin, Douglas Murray, Priti Joshi, and Ann-Barbara Graff: “This is the first modern, scholarly, annotated edition of Frances Trollope’s social problem novels. Trollope’s novels brought her readers into contact with a wide range of social issues. Her novels dealt with work issues, such as child labour, unsafe working conditions, excessive hours and poor wages.”

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