Nineteenth-Century Contexts: Issue 31:1 (March 2009)

The newest issue of Nineteenth-Century Contexts is devoted to the special topic, “Reading the Past in the Nineteenth Century,” edited by Rosemary Mitchell and Anna Vaninskaya. It contains the following articles:

  • Shafquat Towheed’s “Reading History and Nation: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Reading of William Forbes-Mitchell’s Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny 1857-9
  • Annika Bautz’s “Scott’s Victorian Readers”
  • Rosemary Mitchell’s “Charlotte M. Yonge: Reading, Writing, and Recycling Historical Fiction in the Nineteenth Century”
  • Anna Vaninskaya’s ,”Dreams of John Ball: Reading the Peasants’ Revolt in the Nineteenth Century”
  • Michael Ledger-Lomas’s “First-Century Fiction in the Late Nineteenth Century”

This issue also includes reviews of books by Mazzeo (by Fitzgerald), Conn (by Round), Goudie (by Waterman), Snyder (by Courtemanche), Martin (by Belgum), Weierman (by Mielke), Sinnema (by Burke), and Gray (by Sandy).

Forthcoming is a special issue, “Painful Pleasures: Nineteenth-Century Politicized Spectacles in Britain, America, and France,” guest-edited by Teresa Mangum, and containing the following essays:

  • Peter J. Manning’s “Cobbett’s Chopstick Festival: Event, Representation, Context”
  • Charles D. Martin’s “Can the Mummy Speak? Manifest Destiny, Ventriloquism, and the Silence of the Ancient Egyptian Body”
  • Susanne Berthier-Foglar’s “The 1889 World Exhibition in Paris: The French, the Age of Machines, and the Wild West”
  • Teresa Mangum’s “Dickens and the Female Terrorist: The Long Shadow of Madame Defarge

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