Studies in Romanticism 47:4 has arrived

The Winter 2008 issue of Studies in Romanticism, edited by David Wagenknecht, has recently hit the library shelves (it will not be available online for 1 year, as per their rolling-wall policy). Here are the articles you’ll find there:

  • David Simpson, “‘Which is the merchant here? and which the Jew?’: Friends and Enemies in Walter Scott’s Crusader Novels”
  • Chad Wellmon, “Lyrical Feeling: Novalis’ Anthropology of the Senses”
  • Paul Miner, “Blake’s ‘Tyger’ as Miltonic Beast”
  • Ingrid Horrocks, “‘Her ideas rearranged themselves’: Re-membering Poetry in Radcliffe”
  • Talissa J. Ford, “‘Jerusalem is scattered abroad’: Blake’s Ottoman Geographies”
  • Eric Lindstrom, “‘To Wordsworth’ and the ‘White Obi’: Slavery, Determination, and Contingency in Shelley’s Peter Bell the Third

The issue also contains reviews of Tim Morton’s Ecology Without Nature (by Bridget Keegan), Anya Taylor’s Erotic Coleridge (by Chuck Rzepka), Regina Hewitt’s Symbolic Interactions (by Bruce Biederwell), and Sara Guyer’s Romanticism after Auschwitz (by Pieter Vermeulen).


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