New issues of Wordsworth Circle, Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly

Just a brief announcement of the April appearance of the Autumn 2008 issue of The Wordsworth Circle (edited by Marilyn Gaull) and the Spring 2009 issue of Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly (edited by Morris Eaves and Morton Paley). Marilyn Gaull has recently relocated the journal to the Editorial Institute of Boston University, where it appears to be thriving.

This is the review issue of The Wordsworth Circle, and it contains reviews of approximately 25 titles in the field, including books by Geoffrey Hartman, Andrew Bennett, Paul Fry, Julie Carlson, Noel Jackson, Adam Potkay, John Strachan, Herbert Tucker, Michael O’Neill, Peter J. Kitson, George Levine, Julia Brown, and many others.

The Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly issue is focused on “Blake in the Marketplace 2008,” and features Bob Essick’s annual review of “significant works by Blake and his circle” that appeared for sale in the past year. The issue also features short articles by M. Crosby, Morton Paley, and G.E. Bentley, Jr.


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