New Issue of Victorian Literature and Culture

The March 2009 issue of Victorian Literature and Culture (Cambridge UP Journals), edited by John Maynard and Adrienne Munich, is available, offering a characteristically rich gathering of essays on such subjects as

  • Chinese missionaries (Yue, Fiske),
  • the Chartist epic (Gilbert),
  • Ruskin and mountain climbing (Colley),
  • race in Jane Eyre (McKee),
  • marriage in Sonnets from the Portuguese (R. Williams),
  • Lewis Carroll and Rabelais (Hennelly)
  • the Victorian horse (Miele),
  • Robert Browning’s “Clive” (Sifaki),
  • sensation in Braddon (Badowska)
  • Sarah Grand’s The Heavenly Twins (Lloyd),
  • eugenics in Trilby (Vorachek),
  • the aesthetic movement (Anderson),
  • David Livingstone (Wisnicki), and
  • Richard Burton (G. Booth).

There is also a group of essays on the afterlives of the Victorians, with contributions by Prettejohn (on Millais), Batchen (on photography), Sussman on Issac Mendes Belisario, and Weltman on Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. An important review essay by Sally Mitchell on the current study of Victorian journalism, and another by Mark Knight on critical trends in Victorian sensation and crime fiction studies, round out the issue.


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