“Blake at 250”: Essay Cluster in New Issue of Nineteenth-Century Literature

The Spring 2009 issue of the journal Nineteenth-Century Literature includes a cluster of essays on William Blake, written in celebration of the 250th anniversary of his birth (2007):

  • Steven Goldsmith, “William Blake and the Future of Enthusiasm”; from the abstract: “In Blake we observe the transition from a theological concept of enthusiasm to a practice of literary-critical engagement as enthusiasm.”
  • Denise Gigante, “Blake’s Living Form”; from the abstract: “This essay reads William Blake’s illuminated work Jerusalem: The Emanation of The Giant Albion as a key instance of living (or organic) form conceived according to biological principles in the period of Romantic vitalism, 1760–1830.”
  • Nicholas M. Williams, “Blake Dead or Alive”; from the abstract: “William Blake’s interests in the living body and its aesthetic analogue, “Living Form,” underlie his attempt at representing motion, a hallmark of animal life…”

The issue also contains an essay by Adam Sonstegard on the American book illustrator Edward Windsor Kemble.


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