New Books by Erik Gray, Andrew Miller, and Nicholas Frankel

The Hoarding is pleased to hail the appearance of three new books in Victorian studies:

Erik Gray’s Milton and the Victorians (Cornell UP) offers “detailed consideration of works by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti, Matthew Arnold, Alfred Tennyson, and George Eliot,” and “shows how Victorian writers tended to draw upon the less sublime, more understated elements of Milton’s writings. In tracing the characteristically oblique influence of Milton on Victorian authors, Gray also draws attention to important aspects of Milton’s own work, notably the way it often depicts power being exerted indirectly.”

Andrew Miller’s The Burdens of Perfection (Cornell UP) is “a study of moral perfectionism in nineteenth-century British culture. Reading the period’s essayists (Mill, Arnold, Carlyle), poets (Browning and Tennyson), and especially its novelists (Austen, Dickens, Eliot, and James), Andrew H. Miller provides an extensive response to Stanley Cavell’s contribution to ethics and philosophy of mind. In the process, Miller offers a fresh way to perceive the Victorians and the lingering traces their quests for improvement have left on readers.”

Nicholas Frankel’s Masking the Text: Essays on Literature & Mediation in the 1890s (Rivendale) presents studies of “books by Oscar Wilde, Michael Field, George Meredith, the Rhymers Club, and William Morris, illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley, Charles Ricketts and William Hyde, typography by James McNeill Whistler and William Morris, and the literary implications of forgery, collecting, and typewriting.”


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