New Palgrave books: Forgery, Women’s Periodicals, Blake & Conflict

Palgrave/Macmillan continues to publish a large number of interesting titles in nineteenth-century studies. Among the books just out this spring are

Sara Malton’s Forgery in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture, which focuses particularly on the forging of financial instruments “from Dickens to Wilde,” with chapters like “Only the Ledger Lives”: Financial Disease and Deception at Mid-Century” and “Apocryphal Business”: Eroding Standards of Value At Home and Abroad.”

Kathryn Ledbetter’s British Victorian Women’s Periodicals: Beauty, Civilization, and Poetry “explores themes and patterns of poetry publication in a variety of women’s periodicals published throughout the Victorian era to answer questions about taste, style, and the significance of poetry to our understanding of women’s lives in the nineteenth century.”

Blake and Conflict, a collection of essays edited by Jon Mee and Sarah Haggerty, rather loosely focused on the idea of contraries and conflict in Blake’s work; with contributions by Sari Makdisi, David Worrall, and Morton Paley.


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